What’s Lisa Up To?!

Hi everyone! It’s been awhile, so I thought I’d check in – I’m still alive and cooking up a storm, despite not having time to post much! In the past month since the dinner party I have:

And now I never want to cook or eat again.  Kidding! I’m still crazy about it and going full speed ahead (well, as fast as I can waddle at this point).  I look forward to sharing with you more specifically about what I’m up to very soon. :)  Starting with a Cambodian cooking class in D.C. this weekend…

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The Fannibal Dinner Party Finale

Last Friday marked the conclusion of my Fannibal Dinner Party project (you can see all of my dinners here) and the theme was simple: throw an all-out Hannibal-style dinner party (in aesthetic and spirit, not in meat source).  Since I recently took an Indian home cooking class, I decided to go for an Indian and South-east Asian theme in the dishes.

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Gang Gae (Mussaman Lamb Curry)

I recently shared dinner at a restaurant down the street from me, Cafe Himalaya.  They offered a lamb curry that got me dreaming about the mussaman lamb curry from Pestle Rock back home in Seattle – the lamb is so tender and the rich curry tastes like a spicy, Thai-inspired mole!  Everything at Cafe Himalaya was great (especially the beef momos), but unfortunately the lamb curry there is a much more muted recipe.  So I decided to try recreating Pestle Rock’s version.

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Fannibal Dinner Party #1: Japanese

I’m a huge fan of NBC’s Hannibal television series – something about the disturbing psychological manipulation, the gorgeous cinematography, the theme of the fear of abandonment woven throughout the script, the Hugh Dancy… anyway, I also really enjoy the beautiful food preparations displayed on the show, designed by food stylist Janice Poon.  Dr. Lecter is portrayed as an excellent gourmet chef with famous dinner parties, and the food displays are so beautiful and monstrous (and also disturbing when you realize, nothing there is vegetarian, if you get what I mean).

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Caramelized Claypot Catfish

My dad is from the American south, so my favorite kind of catfish is deep fried and served with jalapeno hush puppies.  And fried pickles.  The plate and serving utensils are deep fried too, preferably.  Anyway, this is a Vietnamese preparation that is probably just as unhealthy, what with all the sugar, but it’s just as good!  Especially when you soak your rice in the leftover sauce…

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